Become a Brand ambassador


Why become a brand ambassador for Black Ops Coffee?

We are looking for brand ambassadors who represent and live our idea of the “Black Ops Coffee” brand to the outside world.

Whether whole units or as an individual, Black Ops Coffee’s customers form a loyal base who shop regularly, help develop products or see themselves as part of the Black Ops community. So why not involve more those who ensure the success of Black Ops Coffee? We want to carry the idea of Black Ops Coffee into large parts of society and generate new, satisfied customers. We also want the existing collective buyer to participate in his performance. Recommend Black Ops Coffee products to new customers and receive a commission from every sale made by you as a brand ambassador.


How can the commission be used?

You decide what to do with the commission. Be it material exchange, turn it into a donation for a non-profit organization or pay out to your account. You decide! Why not get something in return if you order regularly anyway? The team or you as a single player will know best whether you want your share as a donation, product or simply in euros. Make something of it, become a brand ambassador for Black Ops Coffee and participate in the success.


How do you participate

Share your personal access link to our products. If the purchase is successful, you will be credited a commission.


Who is the program for?

Single mode:

Suitable for influencers, bloggers, freelancers or as a sideline. Register in the following form. We will check your registration and get in touch with you.


Team mode:

Are you the first point of contact for your unit or colleague? Would you like to order our products at a reduced price via a separate access? Then sign up . Suitable for units, companies, companies, clubs or for the Chief of Coffee!