Green Devils

The name “Green Devils” was given to German paratroopers by the Allies during World War II. He refers to the green paratrooper uniforms the soldiers wore and their ability to attack quickly and unexpectedly. The name was meant to intimidate the enemy and make it clear that the paratroopers were a serious threat. The German term for the paratroopers was “Fallschirmjäger” or also “Fallschirmspringer”. However, the term “Green Devils” became a nickname for the unit over time and was also used by the German soldiers themselves. Today the term is often used as a synonym for the German paratrooper unit.

The Green Devils, were known for their toughness, determination and tactical skills. The history of the Green Devils begins with the establishment of the parachute troop in 1935. The unit was specifically designed and trained to operate behind enemy lines to quickly and effectively achieve strategic objectives.

During World War II, the Green Devils saw action in numerous theaters of war, including Norway, Crete, North Africa and Italy. The paratroopers repeatedly demonstrated their skills in night raids, targeted strikes, and ambushes against enemy forces. The unit was known for its outstanding discipline and ability to fight in extreme conditions.

The connection between the Green Devils and Peppermint Liquor was just beginning this year. As a new peppermint liqueur which Black Ops Coffee wanted to launch, the synonmy for the German paratroopers was specifically chosen, a tribute as a former paratrooper to the current German paratroopers units, as the liqueur stands out powerful and green at any event – much like the Green Devils themselves.


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