Offroad in the crisis area. On the road with danger.

As an avid off-road rider, I have often ventured into troubled areas in search of adventure and to put my skills to the test. However, off-road driving in crisis areas is no ordinary hobby and requires extensive preparation and skills to ensure you can handle any situation.

The situation

One of the biggest challenges of off-road driving in crisis areas is the uncertainty of roads and routes. There are often no clear road signs or indications to guide the way, and the roads can be in poor condition. Even if you have a map, it can be difficult to find your way around because roads may be closed or blocked, and some roads may be too dangerous to drive on.

Another challenge is the possibility of assaults or other acts of violence, which are more common in crisis areas. As a driver, you must always be on your guard and carefully observe your surroundings in order to recognize and react to potential hazards at an early stage.

The planning

Before embarking on an off-road tour in a crisis area, I prepared extensively for the trip. I carefully selected my equipment and vehicle and prepared for possible challenges and problems. I also did a thorough research about the area and its characteristics and contacted local experts, authorities, NGOs and guides to get valuable information and tips.

As an off-road driver, you also need to have a wide range of skills to ensure you can overcome any challenges and obstacles you may encounter on your journey. This includes skills such as vehicle maintenance, repair, navigation, orientation, and survival skills. It is also important to familiarize yourself with local laws, regulations and rules of conduct to avoid any potential problems or conflicts with the locals. (But also cultural habits and greetings, treatment of women and children, corruption and bribes).

During my off-road tours in crisis areas, I have had many incredible experiences and overcome many challenges. I’ve discovered amazing landscapes and cultures, and I’ve also learned the importance of always being on guard and exercising caution. Through my preparation and skills, I was able to complete the trip safely and successfully and collect unforgettable memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.


Overall, off-roading in crisis areas can be an incredibly rewarding experience worth undertaking, as long as you prepare properly and have all the necessary skills and knowledge. It requires courage, determination and the ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions, but if you have these qualities, you can have unforgettable adventures and gain valuable knowledge.

However, it is important to emphasize that off-road driving in crisis areas also carries risks and is not suitable for everyone. A certain level of preparation, experience and knowledge is required to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your fellow travelers. It is also important to abide by local laws and rules and be respectful of the culture and traditions of the locals.

Overall, off-roading in troubled areas is a demanding but rewarding endeavor that combines adventure, challenge and cultural discovery. With the right preparation and skills, you can create unforgettable experiences and precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few tips for beginners who want to ride in safe areas first:

  1. Rubicon Trail, USA: The Rubicon Trail is an off-road trail in the mountains of California and is considered one of the most famous off-road trails in the world. The course is about 22 miles long and offers spectacular scenery and challenging obstacles for 4×4 vehicles. More information about the trail and its difficulties can be found on the official website of the Rubicon Trail Foundation:
  2. Atlas Mountains, Morocco: The Atlas Mountains in Morocco offer off-road enthusiasts a unique experience with a mix of dirt roads, sandy trails and rocky mountainsides. There are several tour operators offering guided off-road tours in the region, such as Sahara Tours International:
  3. Canning Stock Route, Australia: The Canning Stock Route is an 1800 km long off-road route through the Australian desert. The track is one of the toughest off-road tracks in the world and requires high vehicle reliability and preparation. For more information and tips on how to prepare, visit the official Canning Stock Route website:
  4. Transfagarasan, Romania: The Transfagarasan Road in Romania is a famous paved mountain road that runs through the Carpathian Mountains. It is also popular with off-road enthusiasts, as it offers many back roads and dirt roads that showcase the country’s landscape and nature in an impressive way. More information can be found on the official tourism website of Romania:
  5. Sahara Desert, North Africa: The Sahara is the largest desert in the world and offers a wealth of off-road adventures. There are many tour operators that offer guided off-road tours through the desert, such as Desert Expedition Morocco:

Please note that off-road driving is regulated or may be prohibited in some countries. Before planning an off-road tour, be sure to check the applicable laws and regulations and make sure you have obtained the necessary permits and insurance.

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