French press and grinder for your outdoor adventure
For many decades, the French Press (also known as a press pot) has been one of the most popular ways to make coffee. The jug is easy to use, quick to clean and does not require a paper filter.

The French Press is a full immersion coffee maker: the coffee powder is in continuous contact with the water before
it is later separated by a filter – and thus differs from the ever-popular preparation with the hand filter, the Pour Over method. The coffee is characterized by its body, as the metal sieve does not filter out the fats and oils contained in the coffee during preparation, unlike a paper filter. Thus, the coffee has more fullness of taste.

French Press:
A coarse grind is best for the French Press. As the coffee brews for about four minutes, it has enough time to release sufficient flavors. If it is ground too finely, it quickly tastes bitter.
Filter coffee:
If you prepare the coffee with a filter coffee machine, you should use a medium grind, which ensures a constant flow in the filter.
In this type of preparation, a very fine grind is used for preparing needed. The water has only a short time to dissolve the flavors.

Hearth jug:

For preparation in the stovetop pot or espresso pot, a medium grind with a tendency to fine is required. If possible, this should be a little finer than that for the filter coffee machine. This allows the rising water to dissolve enough flavors.