Self-defense weapons from pepper spray to stun guns
Self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, tear gas or stun guns are booming in the face of rising numbers of assaults and violent crimes in Germany. But not all weapons for self-defense are actually suitable to repel attackers in emergency situations or to put them to flight.

Welche Selbstverteidigungswaffen gibt es – und welche Waffen sind als Selbstschutz effektiv?
Pepper spray is freely available in Germany as an animal defense spray. The small spray cans deliver highly aggressive pepper concentrate in the form of a solid jet. Pepper sprays can be used as a ranged weapon to target attackers in a dangerous situation. If you get pepper spray in your eyes, nose or mouth, you will definitely be incapacitated. Pepper spray is therefore considered the best weapon for self-protection. However, as with all self-defense weapons, pepper spray poses the risk of misuse.