Welcome to our product presentation for Black Ops Coffee event furniture! Our furniture is made from recycled oil barrels and are unique one-offs from the Westerwald. They are perfect for outdoor events and parties.

Our furniture is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely robust and durable. They are weather-resistant and can therefore be left outside without hesitation. Every single piece of furniture is handmade and therefore unique.

Our chairs and tables are not only functional, but also extremely stylish. The striking look of the oil barrels gives every event a special atmosphere and attracts all eyes. The furniture adapts perfectly to any environment and makes every party an unforgettable experience.

The furniture by Black Ops Coffee is perfect for events, festivals, barbecues or weddings. They are easy to transport and quick to set up and take down. Whether indoors or outdoors, with our furniture every event becomes a highlight.

Convince yourself of the quality and uniqueness of our furniture. Visit us online or on site and find the perfect piece of furniture for your next event!

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