Black Ops Storage / Gift Box


Black Ops Storage/Gift Box,

Our 50mm caliber storage/gift box is the perfect accessory for any occasion. This sturdy and durable box is versatile and can be used for everything. Whether you want to use it as a special gift package for your loved ones or to organize your garage, the Original Caliber 50mm Box from Black Ops Coffee will meet your needs.

This storage box is made of high quality material and is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The Black Ops Coffee box is a symbol of quality and reliability and will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Use this box to store items such as tools, spare parts or even food. The possibilities are endless and the use is up to you. Whether you use it as a special gift or a convenient storage solution, the Original Caliber 50mm Box from Black Ops Coffee is an investment worth making.

Buy your Black Ops Coffee storage/gift box now and experience for yourself the quality and durability that characterize our products.


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Black Ops Storage / Gift Box,


  • 2,590 Kg Heavy
  • Olive green
  • self sprayed lettering Black Ops Coffee on the sides


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