Black Ops Russian (Cocktail Mix Set)


Black Ops Russian (Cocktail Mix Set)

This set is designed for those who like to enjoy the best cocktails at home. It contains all the ingredients you need to make the famous Black Ops Russian.

The set includes a bottle of SOF Vodka and a bottle of Brotherhood coffee liqueur. SOF Vodka is a high quality vodka made from the finest ingredients and with its smooth taste and light sweetness is perfect for cocktails. Brotherhood coffee liqueur is a unique blend of premium coffee and liqueur that adds a distinctive touch to your cocktail.

The set also includes 2 tumbler tank glasses, perfect for making and enjoying cocktails. These glasses are made of sturdy material and can withstand the wildest parties.

With Black Ops Russian you can quickly and easily prepare the perfect cocktail. Whether you are an experienced bartender or a beginner, this set will help you create a professional looking and tasting drink. Simply pour vodka and coffee liqueur into the glass, add ice, stir and garnish with a coffee bean. Ready!

With Black Ops Russian you can now have the feeling of being in your own bar. Order your set now and enjoy the taste and quality of Black Ops Coffee!


SOF Vodka (500ml)

Brotherhood coffee liqueur (500ml)

– 2 x bulletproof glass tumbler


– 4 cl SOF Vodka

– 2 cl Brotherhood coffee liqueur

– Ice


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Black Ops Russian Cocktail Set,

SOF Vodka and Assault coffee liqueur, with cold ice and our tank glasses, Still and delicious.

Now here to the absolute advantage package!


SOF Vodka (750ml)

Assault coffee liqueur (750ml)

– 2 x bulletproof glass tumbler

Recipe as a recommendation:

– 4 cl SOF Vodka

– 2 cl Assault coffee liqueur

– Ice



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