Emergency Food Supply Ready Grab Bag


Your grave bag for the crisis!

Contains one 10L Dry Bag
– 13,880 calories total
– 7 days food at 1800 calories per day
– About 60 cups of water required
– The food is safely sealed in Mylar bags
– To avoid waste, each bag conveniently contains 4 servings of
– 25 years shelf life


3 bags of multigrain cereal with brown sugar and maple syrup (12 servings total).
2 bags of crunchy granola (8 servings total)
2 bags of macaroni cheese (8 servings total)
2 bags Creamy Noodles & Vegetables (8 servings total)
2 Bags Gluten Free Potato & Chicken Pie (8 servings total).
2 bags of gluten-free teriyaki rice (8 servings total).
2 bags savory Stroganoff (8 servings total)

Original Readywise

Optionally, we still offer the 120 version.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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