Griffin Sling

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Griffin Sling, an effective, simple and reliable two-point sling originally developed for a specific military customer. The LW (lightweight) Griffin Sling is simple and flat as the devil, made of 25 mm / 1 ” webbing without any padding, for submachine guns and light and light rifles. Check out the MW if you want a little width and padding.

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– Two point sling for light handguns
– Full belt design, low profile and weight
– All metal parts (steel and aluminum)
– Quick adjustment slider with webbing grip tab
– Pulling forward lengthens the loop and moves the support hand forward
– Front quick adjust loop can be adjusted to preferred length
– A continuous piece of 25 mm / 1 inch wide webbing runs through the entire sling
– The ends of the sling form 25mm/1 inch webbing loops for universal attachment
– 5-year material and workmanship warranty
– Made in Finland


Quick adjustment slide

At the heart of the Griffin Sling is our proprietary Quick Adjustment Slider. The quick, effortless adjustment allows for easy transition between carry-shoot-carry, etc. in all conditions. We know the world is full of sling adjustment buckles, and most of them are pretty good too.

We decided to develop our own customization hardware for these simple reasons:

– 1) It should be made of solid metal with no moving parts.

– 2) It should have suitable serrations and protrusions for gripping.

– 3) It must be a grip tab suitable for use with winter handwear.

– 4) And it should be preferably made in Finland.

If you hate the strap tab or just don’t need it or whatever, you can cut it off. The serrated sides and protruding webbing attachment point provide good support as is.

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Weight 1000 g

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