Linsen Dal (Operatorfood)

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Lentil Dal (Operatorfood), Red Lentil Dal with Turmeric. Indian cuisine meets “protein bomb.

Operator Food is designed both as fitness food for the active operator and as high-quality emergency food for times of crisis.

All BIO products come from German regional agriculture. Fair and sustainable. A self-sufficient production which is independent of supply chains of global companies was particularly important to us.

With Operator Food, you’ll get a quick high value meal done in minutes. Operator Food contains everything for stressful duty and the accompanying needs of the body, whether for your training or in combat: complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, abundant protein and fiber. All dishes can be kept unrefrigerated for more than 2 years and are therefore a good stock ration even for crisis situations.



That is why our soups are made without “soup chemicals” such as:
– Flavor enhancer / Yeast extract / Milk protein
– Starch / modified starches
– Preservatives
– Thickener
– Maltodextrin
– Sugar (sucrose), lactose
– Emulsifiers
– Acidifier e.g. citric acid
– Egg yolk (carotenoids)
– Coloring: Tomato powder / Beetroot powder and others.

Nutritional values: per 100ml Per glass
Energy KJ 446 1693
Energy kcal 106 402
Fat g 3,1 11,8
saturated fatty acids g 0,6 2,4
Carbohydrates g 12,4 47,1
Sugar g 1,1 4,1
Protein g 5,9 22,3
Salt g 0,8 2,9
Dietary fiber g 2,5 9,5


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Weight 1000 g



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