Operators Choice Nr. 1


Operators Choice Nr. 1,

Our Operators Choice No. 1 Gift Set is the perfect gift for any modern operator who loves the best of coffee, gin and chocolate.

Our gift set is presented in a classic 50 caliber ammunition box that makes the set a unique and memorable gift. The set includes a bottle of TF 47 Gin, a handcrafted German Dry Gin with an alcohol content of 47%. Perfect for drinking alone or in a cocktail, this gin is sure to catch the attention of any gin lover.

In addition to the gin, the gift set also includes two packs of our Panzerschokolade – high-quality chocolate refined with real gold dust and sure to make any chocolate lover’s mouth water. The armor pills are a sweet addition to the set and complete the chocolate experience.

For frahling lovers we have added our famous Sniper coffee weighing 250g, made from the best coffee beans in the world. The coffee is strong and intense and provides a perfect complement to the gin and chocolate.

This gift set is a must for every modern operator who enjoys life to the fullest. Try our Operators Choice No. 1 Gift Set today and make the perfect gift for any occasion!



Operators Choice Nr. 1

Gift set for the operator of today. Classic 50 caliber ammo box from Black Ops Coffee, a special gift you don’t see every day.

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