handy ration in a can for on the road or at work. The Panzerpillen which was pressed here in pill form should increase the concentration and keep the person awake for his service, whatever it may look like. Staying awake is the motto and without unhealthy energy drinks or chemicals. Pure coffee with dark chocolate from Ecuador, the country of the highest quality cocoa.

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Why use only excellent quality cocoa?

The benefits of chocolate are not limited to the pleasure derived from its delicious taste. An increasing number of studies show that serotonin and the importance of endorphins have a positive effect on mood. This precious product also seems to be useful against Alzheimer’s development.

For these reasons, chocolate is not only an activator of good mood, but also looks beneficial for health care. Black Ops Coffee uses only organic cane sugar to ensure this base ingredient is 100% natural. Each cocoa of mono origin is combined with a specific sugar selected by aroma. Therefore, Black Ops Coffee buys the sugar in several countries, as the flavors of sugar cane change depending on the region and weather conditions.

Thanks to these efforts in combining and selecting components, Black Ops Coffee’s chocolate typologies are unique.

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1 x 50g Panzerpillen, 2 x 50g Panzerpillen, 3 x 50g Panzerpillen


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