Protein Bomb (Strawberry)

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The Protein Bomb (strawberry) from Operator Fit,

is the perfect dietary supplement for those who want to achieve their fitness goals. With a unique strawberry flavor and a powerful formula specifically designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts, Protein Bomb is the ideal choice for those looking to take their nutrition to the next level.

The Protein Bomb (Strawberry) contains 750g of high quality protein powder in a convenient, rigid package with an easy-to-use twist cap. The protein powder is made from high quality, natural ingredients and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

Protein powder in Protein Bomb (Strawberry) is specially designed to provide the body with the necessary nutrients needed for effective training and muscle building. The unique formula is rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs that help build muscle mass, support muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system.

Protein Bomb (Strawberry) by Operator Fit is the perfect choice for those who want to reach their fitness goal and provide their body with the best. Try it and feel the difference!