SAM® Splint


SAM® Splint, for the emergency splint for all operating conditions

  • Simple application
  • Easy to model
  • Water and blood repellent
  • Available as universal splint or finger splint
  • Temperature stable
  • Radiolucent
  • Versatile use
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SAM® Splint – the original for tactical use

The SAM® Splint consists of a thin aluminum alloy core between two layers of foam. This makes it flexible and dimensionally stable at the same time. The Sam Splint rail can be bent and folded in any direction. In this way, it can be perfectly adapted to the injured or broken limb and optimally stabilize it. The soft surface of the foam absorbs shock and protects the injured limb.


Emergency splint for all operating conditions

The SAM® Splint weighs next to nothing and can be rolled or folded to a handy pack size. At BOC you can get the SAM® Splint rolled with 11 cm x 9 cm. When rolled out, it is 91 cm long and is thus also suitable for splinting leg fractures. The gray color prevents the SAM Splint from standing out clearly from the camouflage clothing. The fine-pored, dense foam is easy to clean, does not become saturated and is temperature-resistant. This makes the SAM® Splint suitable for any application scenario.


SAM® split pin dimensionally stable due to proven principle

A flat sheet bends easily. A flat sheet bends easily, but if the surface is bent or curved, as in the case of a corrugated sheet, the sheet can no longer be deformed against the bending direction. A similar principle is applied to the SAM® Splint rail. The splint must be bent along the limb to be stabilized. Depending on how it is modeled in the longitudinal direction, the stability and stiffness of the rail can be varied.

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Weight 100 g


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