Shooter Package

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Shooter Package

  • 500g Assault
  • 1 x Patch Skull
  • 1 x Ceramic Skull Mug
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Shooter Package, the first line of every operator. A coffee (Assault) and the cool Skull mug (Skull Tasse) to stay awake and 1 matchingSkull patch to make yourself known.

Shooter Package, a good gift idea for his comrades and colleagues or for yourself if you want to treat yourself. Matching also the Skull Shirtas a complement to the set.

Shooters Package, was compiled from the latest products.

Our fair trade coffee which was produced by hand roasting.

The hand roasting,

is a time-intensive and therefore the more costly roasting method. The green coffee is roasted at 120-200 degrees for up to 20 minutes. Here, the experience of the roast master is crucial for the quality. The roasting master heats the beans to 200 to a maximum of 230°C, which means that roasting takes about twelve to 20 minutes. The long roasting time reduces chlorogenic acid and bitter substances. This makes the coffee particularly digestible (There is no heartburn as with most coffee’s!!!). In addition, the bean has enough time to form their own aroma complexes, which provide a balanced taste.

Our mission

Coffee is the engine in many agencies and organizations, without which simply nothing works. Whether in the operations center at home or in the dusty field of a foreign country. Coffee is the beginning of every operation and that is precisely why we start where it all begins.

We at BLACK OPS COFFEE know how important it is to bring the concentration for the daily processes to a maximum and to keep the morale high.The cup of coffee sometimes works wonders and is the turbo that you can ignite at the crucial moment.



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