VLAD repeating crossbow with magazine 60 / 90 lbs

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This speed loading crossbow comes with an 8 round magazine and corresponding speed loader.

The arrows are quickly inserted into the crossbow with the help of this speed loader. Speedloaders can be attached to the front side of the VLAD. With the help of the solid aluminum shaft, the VLAD can be quickly reloaded via buckling cocking. The shaft can be folded away to the side for space-saving transport. Also the bow can be removed complete with the tensioned string with a few simple steps, or even exchanged.

The extensive equipment includes 16 aluminum arrows, a speed loader, 2 bows each 60 lbs and 90 lbs compl. with chord and a Red Dot adjustable in 2 steps.

It is possible to optionally attach a second loaded speedloader to the crossbow.


Note: Only allowed from 18 years! Applicable safety regulations must always be observed in order to avoid causing damage to third parties.


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