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Respirator in the Breacher Test.

As a former Special Forces Command breacher, I was often in situations where I came into contact with contaminated air. Blasting and entering buildings was our daily business, and there were many cases where pollutants were in the air that endangered us. For convenience or just practicality, we don’t use respirators that often. You have to carry everything and it obstructs the view in order to be able to “work” quickly. Of course, you would inhale toxic fumes and pollutants at the end of the mission, where you would still have black lumps/deposits in your nose and throat for days. Certainly not sensible in the long run. In order not to have to use the large mask with full protection, we gradually started using the tactical air purification masks, which you could quickly pull over your helmet yourself. The nose and mouth were covered and the filter provides clean air. A compromise as a breacher if you still want to be fast.

Train the way you fight! Off to the blasting site.

Now I have tried the TAPR from the American brand Mira Safety to test its effectiveness. For this reason, our Black Ops team travelled to Switzerland to practise blasting and accessing approved companies in mines and tunnels. Since testing Mira Safety’s Tactical Air Purifying Respirator (TAPR), my attitude towards these risks / practicality has fundamentally changed. This mask gave me the security I needed to concentrate on my missions without having to worry about the dangers in the air.

The TAPR from Mira Safety is a high-quality respirator specially developed for tactical use. It is robust, durable and offers excellent protection against harmful particles and gases in the air. It has a replaceable filter element that is easy to change and has a long service life.

During my testing of the TAPR, I found that it is very comfortable to wear and fits snugly to the face. This keeps the air in the mask well filtered and I could breathe freely without feeling constricted or uncomfortable. The mask also provides good visibility and does not obstruct my vision or mobility. Aiming, whether with red dot or telescopic sight, works excellently.

All in all, I am very impressed with Mira Safety’s TAPR and recommend it to anyone working in a contaminated air situation. The mask provides excellent protection and gives you the confidence you need to do your job safely and effectively.

Your Black Ops Team

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