The recipe for perfect filter coffee

Prepare filter coffee perfectly: Different methods

There are several ways to prepare filter coffee, such as hand brew, French press, soft brew pot or aeropress. Each method has its merits and individual characteristics.

Manual infusion

Hand infusion is a so-called pour-over method, in which the water is poured slowly onto the coffee powder and flows through a filter paper. In this case, a Hario filter with a larger opening is recommended, which allows for a shorter brewing time and ensures a homogeneous swirling of the coffee powder through curved grooves to minimize the risk of over-extraction. For preparation, it is recommended to use a water jug with a thin, curved neck to achieve an even and well-dosed water jet.

To prepare: rinse the filter bag with hot water, insert it into the filter and place it on the oatmeal. Preheat the glass or porcelain filter and then fill it with 18 g of coffee. As a first infusion, 40 to 50 ml of 92°C water should be poured in slow circles from the center outward to wet the entire coffee. The second infusion takes place after about 40 seconds with the remaining water (about 250 ml), which is poured in a spiral from the inside to the outside. After that, the coffee should pass completely and let it rest for a while. Ideally, the brewing process should not take longer than three minutes.

French Press

The preparation of coffee in the French Press is a so-called full immersion method, in which the coffee powder is completely mixed with water. This method is equally aromatic as the hand infusion method, but stronger in taste. For preparation, it is recommended to use 15 g per 250 ml of water or 45 g per 750 ml of water, depending on the size.

To prepare: rinse the glass pot with hot water and put the coffee powder in the pot. Then pour in some hot water (92 to 96°C), stir and wait about 30 seconds before adding the rest of the water. The coffee should then brew for 3 to 4 minutes, with the optimum brewing time depending on the coffee in question and personal preference. The coffee crust that has formed on the surface of the water should be skimmed off. The lid should first be stuck on the jug opening for a few seconds so that the rising steam stretches the plunger a bit, allowing less coffee grounds to pass through the metal ring. After that, the coffee should be poured immediately into warm cups

Carlsbad jug

The Karlovy Vary pot offers an extremely elegant way to brew coffee that comes with a highly aromatic coffee experience. By eliminating filter paper, the coffee’s natural oils can go directly into the coffee and serve as a flavor carrier. This also prevents unwanted inherent odors that could possibly arise from filter paper.

To prepare coffee with the Karlovy Vary pot, all parts of the pot must first be preheated. Then insert the filter and fill it with the recommended coffee dosage – 10g of coffee powder for a size of 0.38l and 18g for 0.85l. The hot water is then slowly infused at a temperature of 92°C until the coffee powder is just covered. After the water has run through, the water distributor is put on and the remaining water is slowly added until the jug is full. Once the coffee is brewed, the manifold and strainer can be removed to enjoy the delicious drink.


The Aeropress is an innovative device that combines three different brewing methods and works on the upside-down principle. Consisting of a brewing cylinder, a press plunger and a filter insert, it allows quick and effective extraction of coffee powder, creating a completely new coffee character. The narrower brewing cylinder creates a higher pressure, reminiscent of the preparation of espresso. At the same time, the filter paper retains the smallest particles, similar to the filter infusion.

For preparation, the filter paper is moistened and placed in the holder. The brewing plunger and cylinder are inserted into each other and placed upside down on a cup. The coffee powder is then poured in (12g per cup) and infused with hot water (92°C). After stirring, allow the coffee to brew for a maximum of 1 minute before placing the filter holder on the brewing plunger. The press plunger is then slowly pressed down to extract the coffee. It is important that the filter holder is firmly seated and can withstand pressure.

Soft Brew Jug

The Soft Brew pot uses the infusion principle to brew coffee. In this process, the coffee powder is placed in a fixed filter, which is hooked into the pot. Hot water is then poured onto the powder, which is allowed to float freely during extraction, similar to the French Press. The difference is that the coffee grounds are not pressed down in the Soft Brew pot, but are simply removed from the pot by removing the filter.

To brew coffee with the Soft Brew pot, the pot and filter should first be warmed up with hot water. Then put the coffee powder into the filter, recommending an amount of 12g per cup (200ml). Hot water (92°C) is then poured onto the powder, just enough to cover it, and allowed to swell briefly. The remaining water is poured slowly and circularly on the coffee powder until the pot is filled. Depending on personal taste, the coffee should brew for about 3 minutes. Finally, the filter is removed and the lid is placed on the jug.

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