Welcome to the presentation of the brand BOXIO – the leading brand for separation toilets!

BOXIO stands for the highest quality, innovation and sustainability in the field of separation toilets. Our company’s mission is to develop environmentally friendly solutions for the sanitary sector, always keeping in focus the comfort and needs of our customers.

Our partition toilets are a modern alternative to conventional toilets and offer numerous advantages. Innovative separation technology separates urine from solids, minimizing odor problems and ensuring more comfortable use. In addition, this technology significantly reduces water consumption, as no rinsing water is required. This makes BOXIO an environmentally friendly choice that contributes to a sustainable future.

At BOXIO, we place great emphasis on quality and durability. Our partition toilets are made of high quality materials that are sturdy and durable. This allows them to withstand even the most demanding conditions and guarantees a long service life.

Another feature that distinguishes BOXIO is its modern and aesthetic design. Our separation toilets fit seamlessly into any environment, be it private homes, campsites, construction sites or other public facilities. We offer different models and sizes to meet individual requirements and find an optimal solution for every need.

BOXIO attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with questions, advice or technical support. We are proud to offer you not only high quality products, but also first class customer service

When you choose BOXIO, you choose a brand that combines the benefits of sustainability, quality and innovation. Take the step towards an environmentally friendly and future-oriented toilet solution with BOXIO – your first choice for separation toilets.