The Problem
A lack of hygiene is the cause of a wide variety of diseases in many places around the world. It is also particularly important during pandemics:

Deficiency is the cause of many diseases
Without adequate hygiene, pathogens continue to spread uncontrollably
Especially hygiene items are quickly out of stock in hamster purchases (see Corona and toilet paper)
Even minor injuries can lead to serious illnesses due to infection with viruses or bacteria

Disasters and emergencies can have a variety of causes and are almost always completely unexpected. Pandemics can occur, long power outages (blackouts), environmental disasters, natural disasters such as comet impacts, sudden supply disruptions, or wars and civil unrest.

In our highly technical and globally networked world, emergencies and disasters can have far-reaching and momentous consequences, up to and including a complete breakdown in the provision of care for humans and animals.

However, each of us can ensure for ourselves that we and all those close to us are not caught completely unprepared.

Based on the recommendations from the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, we have compiled the products.