Pants at Black Ops Coffee

Whether you’re focused on safety details, preparing for an outdoor hike, or spending a day at the range, you need a tactical or comfortable pair of outdoor pants that are also durable and hold all the essentials without sagging or wearing you down.

These most of our pants feature tear-resistant polycotton, a premium fabric blend that offers wearability, durability and comfort far beyond anything on the market. And with improved seams and a stretchy waistband, you’ll stay fluid and unimpeded when you’re making fast, tactical moves.

Reasonable arrangement of pockets allows the equipment to be located near the center mass, around the hips and waist.

Front and back pocket edges are reinforced to prevent constant movement of light or knife clips. Two front pockets closed with Velcro are large enough to carry a smartphone – or even an AR / AK weapon magazine.

The zippered thigh pockets look flat – but the design lets you carry bags or purses with ease. Custom interior pockets are waiting to be filled with low profile pads. Many types of fabrics and a wide range of colors allow you to match the pants to the rest of your wardrobe or working conditions.