Vision & Mission

Our vision

Best partner and support for everyday heroes in their care, training and development!

Our mission

We want to be the first stop for like-minded everyday heroes. Provide the best training in relevant disciplines while being the leaders in all-around supply of equipment, training, nutritional and pleasure products. We support and accompany our customers with our product portfolio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through our international activities we build bridges between ALL countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. On site, we help meet the needs of everyday heroes.

We connect former, active and future everyday heroes into a community and thereby offer a platform for exchange, tolerance and brotherhood.




The foundation of our globally positioned community is based on virtuous, unchangeable and non-negotiable principles.



Black Ops Coffee is not a company for an anonymous customer market, but a community of former, active and future heroes of everyday life who help, support and educate each other in familiar camaraderie.


Respect and decency

All customers, partners and community members are treated with respect and decency. Brotherly and comradely dealings form the basis here.


No prejudices

All people are equal, regardless of religion, skin color or gender.


Team spirit

Team spirit and the common global goal always take precedence over personal sensitivities and needs.


Highest quality

As a company we always strive for perfection and the highest quality. Only equipment that we would wear even in the darkest hours or in our free time during training, sports, education and training is the output of our product development.



As a community member, I am always working to improve myself. Both physically and mentally as well as humanly. Perfection is a vision and is unattainable.



As a company, we protect the environment by keeping transport routes short and efficient, reusing packaging materials, constantly developing and only working with partners who share the same values.


Strong will

An unbroken will and the courage to do the right thing for your home, your values, and your (Black Ops) family is the foundation of every action.



Our processes are constantly scrutinized to meet the highest standards. We always pay attention to a timely implementation of our ideas and projects in compliance with ecological and economic principles.