Flag Set


A set with all flag products of the brand Black Ops Coffee.

  • Flags Patch
  • Flags Shirt
  • Flags Cup

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Flag Set,

A set with all flag products of the brand Black Ops Coffee.

As an alternative, we have a different set on offer.

Our mission

Coffee is the engine in many authorities and organizations, without which simply nothing can be done. Whether in the operations center in Germany or in the dusty area of application of a foreign country. Coffee is the beginning of every operation and that’s why we start where it all starts.
At BLACK OPS COFFEE, we know how important it is to maximize the concentration for daily operations and to keep morale high. The cup of coffee sometimes works wonders and is the turbo that you can ignite at the decisive moment.


is a company founded by former special forces of the military. What a special high value are placed on good coffee, because coffee is one of the many things that united all people – but emergency workers of all kinds.

The team of BLACK OPS COFFEE is a family association of comrades who want to create a community with a high demand for the quality of coffee and everything that goes with it. We do this because we are deeply convinced that together we can do everything together, as long as we only unite and pull together.

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