Killer Roborter

Killer robots, no way back.

Autonomous weapon systems, also known as killer robots, are weapon systems that can operate without human control. They are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and can make decisions independently. Currently, such systems are not yet in use, but intensive work is being done on their development.

The idea behind autonomous weapon systems is to increase efficiency in the military sector and enhance the safety of soldiers. By using autonomous systems, dangerous missions can be carried out without human soldiers having to risk their lives. Moreover, autonomous weapon systems can act faster and more precisely than human soldiers.

Another advantage of autonomous weapon systems is their ability to evaluate and analyse data in real time. This allows them to react more quickly to changes in the field and adapt their decisions. They can also act faster due to their independence from human decision-making and thus achieve military objectives more quickly.

Despite these advantages, however, there are also concerns about the use of autonomous weapon systems. Ethical issues such as accountability for the actions of autonomous systems and respect for human rights are important topics to discuss.

Furthermore, there is concern that autonomous weapons systems could get out of control. It is difficult to imagine how such a system could be stopped if it made wrong decisions or got out of control. Nor can it be ruled out that autonomous systems could be taken over by hackers to turn them against unwanted targets.

Despite these concerns, the development of autonomous weapon systems is being pushed forward. Various countries such as the USA, Russia and China are already investing heavily in this technology. It is therefore important that the public debate on autonomous weapons systems is also advanced and that rules and laws are developed to regulate their use.


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