Chito SAM 100, Z – Folded Gauze


High-performance hemostatic agent for life-threatening hemorrhage
– Extremely fast, effective bleeding control
– 25 % more effective than classic chitosan wound dressings
– No heat development and wound alteration
– Independent of endogenous blood clotting factors
– Intelligent, waterproof packaging for fastest and safest removal
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The special feature of ChitoSAM® 100
Unlike conventional hemostatic agents, in which a gauze bandage or wound dressing is impregnated or coated with a hemostatic (coagulating) agent, ChitoSAM® 100 consists of one hundred percent chitosan. An additional carrier material is not necessary due to the special processing. As a result, the hemostatic effect is 25% higher than that of classic chitosan products.

Active ingredient chitosan
Chitosan, also known as poliglusam, poly-D-glucosamine or polyglucosamine, is a natural biopolymer of the polysaccharide family, first obtained in 1859 by boiling chitin with potassium hydroxide solution. Chitosan is also used in cosmetics and industry, and in medicine as an absorbable suture material in addition to its use as a hemostatic agent. Unlike other hemostatic agents (hemostyptics), chitosan does not activate the body’s own blood clotting factors. The hemostatic effect is based on several properties:
– High absorption capacity: binding of liquids, fats and proteins
– Film forming
– Concentration of clotting factors and blood solids in the wound due to moisture deprivation/binding.
– Electrophysiological reaction = cationically charged chitosan additionally promotes the concentration of anionically charged blood coagulation factors in the wound

Chitosan also works reliably at lower blood temperatures or when using anticoagulants such as Marcumar or Heparin.

Application of ChitoSAM 100
The ChitoSAM tissue is pressed directly onto the bleeding wound for several minutes. This binds blood and wound fluid and causes grafting. This is a great advantage for subsequent wound treatment in a rescue center or hospital, as the gel-like plug can be easily removed. Due to the high absorption capacity of the active ingredient, care must be taken in the case of head injuries to ensure that the dressing material does not come into contact with the eyes.

ChitoSAM 100 is atoxic, anti-allergenic, 100% biodegradable and can therefore be used without hesitation.

Technical data:
– Finish: Z-folded
– Dimension (opened): 7.6 x 183 cm
– Dimension (packed): 13 x 11 x 1.7 cm
– Weight: 38 g
– Active ingredient: Chitosan
– X-ray contrast strip: without
– Military NSN Number: No
– Disposable product
• CoTCCC Recommended: No

Included in delivery:
– 1x ChitoSAM® 100 Z-fold Gauze | Size: 7.5 x 183 cm

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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