Heavy Duty Enamel Mug (Set of 3 white)


Heavy Duty Enamel Mug (Set of 3 white)

Consists of our classic enamel mugs .

This is made of lightweight metal and enamel covered with the slogan “No Coffee, No Fight”.

Next to the slogan is our logo with skull and two long guns in the background on the mug.

The logo is visible to people drinking on the left and right.

Der Becher hat eine Höhe von 8,5 cm und einen Durchmesser von ca. 10 cm. The inner surface is white.

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Heavy Duty Enamel Mug (Set of 3 white),

has a filling capacity of 300 ml offers enough volume to start the day or the night shift ready for use. Especially suitable for outdoor freaks or in the “field” of the troop.

Suitable for dishwashers due to a special burning and painting process. (Made in Germany as with all products is top priority as far as quality is concerned)

Heavy Duty Enamel Mug (Set of 3 white),

Fits great in any backpack or camper , a great combination are the black heavy enamel mugs set of 3 to achieve a balanced look in the cupboard.

The set of 3 white is super suitable as a gift set for his colleagues and comrades. As an alternative or in addition, many colleagues also buy the Punisher 3-piece set to be ready for use in case of failure of the cups (dishwasher).



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