Katadyn BeFree Filter 1.0 L Tactical


Katadyn BeFree Filter 1.0 L Tactical

The flexible, foldable drinking bag only needs to be filled with water and provides instant refreshment. New BeFree series water filter – 1.0 L from the Tactical line in black. The larger volume makes it easy to carry safe drinking water even during longer stays without obvious water sources, whether hiking or traveling. The water filter weighs just 63 grams and filters up to 2 L per minute in use. To ensure that your enjoyment of the filter lasts for a long time, the BeFree can be easily cleaned and maintained by swiveling or shaking it, thanks to the EZ-Clean membrane.


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– Weight: 63 g

– Effective against microorganisms

– For single use

– Suitable for slightly turbid water

– Simple and lightweight filter for sporadic use

– Mobile use

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 cm


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