Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

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Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

Convenient, compact and lightweight water filter. Fast and lightest pumping mechanism. For 1 to 2 persons. Optimal for hiking and trekking.


– Transparent design so that water flow and filtering process can be directly tracked.

– “The unrivaled best filter in field use” according to the American ‘Backpacker Magazine’.

– “Most convenient filter” in the verdict at 4 out of 5 US trade experts.

– Easy pumping thanks to large filter surface (271 cm2).

– About 48 pumping strokes per minute = 1 liter of water.

– Connection with multiple water bottle models possible via adapter.

– Direct connection to hydration pack thanks to integrated “Quick Release”.

– For clear and occasionally turbid water.

– For longer trips over several months, use Katadyn Pocket or Combi.


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– Transparent design> makes filtering process visible

– Large filter surface> high output / high user comfort due to minimal pumping resistance

– Cleanable filter guard > Extends the service life of the filter cartridge

– Quick-connect couplings> easy attachment/detachment of suction and discharge hoses.

– Activated carbon granules > reduce bad water taste and odor

– 130 micron pre-filter > longer filter cartridge life for turbid water.

– Compact design > fits in any backpack and most pockets

– Easy Fill™ Bottle Adapter > direct connection to multiple drinking bottle models.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 cm


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